We know you don't like to have to wait. 
​Most service items finish in 4 days or less.

Quick Turnaround

Visual inspections, Hydro inspections, and cylinder and valve cleanings. Everything you need to get that cylinder filled.

Regulator and BCD Overhauls

Cylinder Inspections

It's life support equipment. Get peace of mind by letting the professionals fix it right.  

​"This stuff keeps you alive man! I don't play around when it comes to Servicing my gear!" 

-Robert N.



​​Regulator Overhaul: $40 (plus parts)

Regulator Overhaul w/ octo: $50 (plus parts)

BCD Overhaul: $25 (plus parts)
BCD Overhaul w/ octo: $45 (plus parts)

Computer Battery Change: $22​​

Air Fill: $6

Nitrox Fill: $11 - 16.50

Oxygen Fill: $20

​​Cylinder VIP: $11
Cylinder Hydro: $41
​Cylinder O2 Cleaning: $40

Cylinder Valve Overhaul: $15 (plus parts)

When you bring your regulator in for servicing, it undergoes a complete break down, and rebuild.
After disassembling the 1st and 2nd stages, the parts are put into an ultrasonic cleaner to remove any corrosion and contaminants. The regulator is put back together with factory parts kits (oring's, high pressure seats, low pressure seats) and  the intermediate pressure is adjusted to factory specifications. 

​We perform all the required inspections necessary to keep your scuba cylinders current, and you in the water. 
The Hydrostatic Test (every 5 years) is performed to comply with Department Of Transportation Regulations. The Hydro Test is done to measure the Elasticity of the metal.
For the Visual Inspection (every 1 year) we use the latest in Eddy Current technology as well as years of experience. If a cylinder passes these inspections we have no problem filling them.

Do you want to be able to use your air cylinders with Nitrox? Ask about cylinder conversions! 

underwater unlimited service department

We know you love to dive. You know that this is only possible with good quality, life support equipment. That's why servicing and maintaining scuba equipment is a passion of ours. From nearly ancient equipment, to the latest trends in dive gear; our team of master technicians are recognized by countless manufacturers, and will promptly repair or overhaul your equipment to have it running as new so that you can get back to what you love.