Prices are based on a per day rental. 

For example, if you pick it up on a Monday, the items will be due back before closing on Tuesday.

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BCD - $17.00
Regulator - $18.00
Cylinder (Nitrox) - $15.00
Cylinder (Air) - $10.00

Rental prices

The best rental gear in miami

Atomic Z2 Regulators w/ Oceanic Gauges,

Zeagle SCOUT BCD's,

and ​Aluminum Cylinders in 100, 80, and 63 cubic foot capacities.

So, What can you rent?

​​​When it comes to rental equipment, we spare no expense! When a new diver is out enjoying the open water, being comfortable is a must. The last thing you want to think about is if your equipment is going to work! That's why our rental equipment is the best; allowing any user to experience the most comfortable BC's, Regulators, Information systems, and a variety of cylinder sizes.