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Want to take your diving outside the US? UU travels to must see dive locations such as Cozumel, Roatan, and the Bahamas. We also dive locally from Isamorada to West Palm Beach.

Helping people become great divers since 1964

We understand it can be tough when choosing someone to teach you how to scuba dive. That's why we have a clear course that helps you become a great diver for life. Come in and meet the people you will entrust your life with. 

From nearly ancient equipment, to the latest trends in dive gear; our team of master technicians are recognized by countless manufacturers, and will promptly repair or overhaul your equipment to have it running as new so that you can get back to what you love.


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Whether you are making your first snorkeling system purchase, or the whole total diving system, we are here to guide you to the equipment that will best serve you. We also have top of the line rental equipment such as cylinders, BCs, and regulators.